Workplace is an enterprise connectivity platform developed by Facebook, Inc. that aims to keep team members connected. The service offers features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, built-in audio and video calling, and access to the social network’s profiles, events, and live video tools.


Features and FunctionalitiesOperating RequirementsHow to Avail
  • News Feed: stream of posts that uses Facebook’s machine learning algorithms to keep people up to date with relevant company announcements.
  • Groups: shared collaboration spaces where people can upload documents, leave comments, manage projects, and get work done with colleagues.
  • Multi-Company Collaboration: collaborate with external teams, partners or suppliers from within their Workplace account using secure and private groups, chats, and video calls.
  • Workplace Chat: instant messaging tool that allows text, voice calls or video conferencing with up to 50 colleagues.
  • Live Video: broadcast live directly from your mobile devices and receive real-time feedback in the form of comments and reactions.
  • Auto Translate: serves up to 4.5 billion translations every day on Facebook to provide one-click translations in 46 languages using the same machine learning technology.
  • People Directory: find colleagues, build connections, and collaborate more effectively with a searchable database of profiles customized to individual organizations.
  1. Computer or Mobile Devices, such as phone or tablet
  2. Stable Internet Connection
  3. Supported Browsers
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer
    • Opera
    • Microsoft Edge

For trial version

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and Click Try for Free for 30 Days
  3. Enter your business email to start using Facebook Workplace trial version