Lark is a next-generation office suite that integrates messaging, schedule management, collaborative documents, video conferencing, and many more applications in a single platform.


Features and FunctionalitiesOperating RequirementsHow to Avail
  • Messenger is designed for work communication. With concise organizational structure and accessible contact information, Messenger helps you find colleagues with ease. Messenger redefines internal communication without the unnecessary notifications.
  • Calendar keeps your team on track in a collaborative way. You can subscribe to multiple calendars, rearrange your work schedules, and initiate a meeting in just one step.
  • Docs is more than a cloud space, but a collaborative document creation tool beyond imagination. Docs allows you to upload, download, and preview your files in multiple formats (word, excel, ppt, pdf, video, and other popular formats). Cloud-based synchronization of Docs makes it easy to edit, comment, and share a document with your team.
  • Open Platform: Lark provides a rich set of APIs. You can connect to the Lark Open Platform with internal systems, so you can collaborate in one place without switching platforms. Apart from Lark, developing your own app provides you an agile work style with more scalability and better efficiency. Lark also welcomes third-party software vendors to develop apps for all Lark users.
  1. Computer or Mobile Devices, such as phone or tablet
  2. Stable Internet Connection
  3. Supported Browsers
    • Windows
      • Google Chrome (Recommended)
      • Microsoft Edge
    • Mac
      • Google Chrome (Recommended)
      • Safari

Lark is the next-gen workspace for teams is available for free.

You may download and install Lark through this link: